For years, lobbyists, insiders, and special interests have run Boise and have rigged the system to benefit their personal interests. It’s time for “politics as usual” to come to an end!


Limited Government: Idaho wants to work. We have businesses that want to grow, teachers that want to teach, and doctors that want to heal. Unfortunately, our current government is too busy over-regulating all aspects of our lives that they don’t even realize they are stifling us from every direction. The government even passed one of the largest tax increases in Idaho history in the middle of the night two years ago and raised the gas tax by 40%. Enough is enough!

Solutions to rein in government:

• Rollback the top state income tax rate that is now the 12th highest in the nation1
• Remove regulations that prevent businesses from starting and hiring
• Force government agencies to justify every cent they spend and meet performance reviews just like those of us in private sector must do


Bust Up the Bureaucracy that Protects Special Interests: The “good ole’ boys” will say and do anything to hang on to power, with nothing stopping them from tearing down those who fight to expose their corruption. The level of corruption has reached a new all-time high as Idaho recently received a D-minus in integrity from a good-government organization and the State Supreme Court threw out a corrupt government contract that enriched the politically-connected at the expense of our schools.2 This is unacceptable!

The plan to wipe-out corruption:

• Create a state ethics committee and implement real ethics reform
• Ban legislators from becoming lobbyists immediately upon leaving office
• Return to civic-minded leadership by implementing term limits for politicians

Fighting Obamacare
: Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster for Idaho. Premiums have skyrocketed by 24% and nearly 70% of our counties are down to just one or two choices for insurance. This cannot stand and Idaho can’t afford to wait on the federal government for solutions. It’s time for Idaho to lead and implement common sense, private sector solutions that provide real, affordable, accessible healthcare to all Idahoans.   

Combatting the Obamacare disaster:

• Never expand Obamacare in Idaho. Not now. Not ever.
• Develop a patient-centered market system
• Empower patients and physicians to make the best healthcare decisions

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: With an unemployment rate of 3.4%, Idaho has not found problems creating jobs since the Great Recession.3 However, with household incomes lagging the national average by $7,500 Idaho cannot be complacent with the jobs we are creating.4 To attract new and better-paying jobs to our state, we must address the skills gap in our Idaho workforce.

Creating a Workforce that is second to none:

• Ensure every student leaving high school is armed with the skills to graduate college or start a career
• Better connect schools and universities to make certain they are creating a workforce that meets the demands of business with the use of apprenticeship training
• Get government out of the way of job creators

Defend Life, Liberty, and Our Constitutional Rights: From the mainstream media to the radical left, our constitutional rights are under constant assault. They demand we shy away from our beliefs. They want to strip us of our right to hunt, protect our families, and use our lands as we see fit. They even want to deny the most vulnerable among us the right to life that is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. Idaho must not let this stand; we must unite in defense of our rights like our forefathers did before us.

An unwavering commitment to defend our rights:

• Fight any and every encroachment on the 2nd Amendment
• Defend life from conception to natural death
• Relentlessly push back against any encroachment on our land or constitutional rights



1. Tax Foundation; State Individual Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2016;  2/8/16
2. The Center for Public integrity; Idaho gets D- grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation; 11/9/15
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